Duck Simulator

You might be wondering what on earth this is. Well, in order for Duck Simulator 2 to exist, Duck Simulator 1 had to come first! Duck Simulator 2 includes a remake of this game, but THIS is the one and only! So if you're just dying for the juicy rubber duck lore, feel free to check it out!

If you haven't already, check out Duck Simulator 2!

Original Description

Need a game for your little sibling? Then Duck Simulator has you covered! In this simple clicker, you can quack a rubber duck to get coins. Simple, right? With those coins, you can go to the Quack Shop where you can buy upgrades such as automatic quacks or duck friends! If you feel like messing around, try out Challenge Mode where you can use your keyboard and mouse to find fun easter eggs! Wait, why do I hear party music?